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Things to do at home

Home Learning - Red Room 13th October 2020

Home Learning - Yellow Room 12th October 2020

Learning through play - Week 1

Learning through play - Week 2

'Mr Ziggy & Mr Zaggy' by Liz

 Fun things to do at home with Nathan

'The Big Red Bus' by Nathan

'The Very Hungry Caterpiller' by Mira

Pound Park Singers - 3rd April 2020

Jacqui's got a Hat by Jacqui

'Bear Hunt' by Liz

'Hooray for Fish' by Lynsey

'There's a Shark in the park' by Meri

'Five Cheeky Monkey's' by Liz

'Little Rabbit Foo' Foo by Meri

‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?’ by Liz

‘Five Little Speckled Frogs’ by Liz

Things to do at home by Mira

Things to do at home (1) by Liz

Things to do at home (2) by Liz

The Enormous Turnip - a story from Yellow room

Yoga with Meri

'Dear Zoo' by Liz

Join in with Tina and make some music

Nathan's story - Full Bus 

'George Gets Dressed' - by Danielle

Yoga sessions based on 'Little Cloud' - with Meri

'Don't Put You're Finger in the Jelly Nelly!' - by Esme

Join yellow room singing ‘Aitkin Drum’

Join in with blue room’s singing session

The Pound Park team sing ‘Cows in the Kitchen’

‘What’s in the box?’ - by Jacqui

Guess the Animal - by Sharon

Make your own story, with your toys - by Liz

Growing vegetable's -with Hong

The Gingerbread Man! - Blueroom

Listening to sounds - Yellow room

5 Little Ducks - by Jacqui

Five Little Monkeys - by Jacqui

The  Very Hungry Caterpillar - by Megan

Cardwell Together for Twos and Blue room have been learning the Makaton signs to help tell the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Jacqui tells us a story – its not the tiger who came to tea – can you guess who comes to see?

Kate tells a counting story – join in!

Charlie Chick Goes to School - by Danielle

‘Laugh, sing and play session’ that Patricia from Home Start

Gingerbread Man sing along

Hug Story

How to wash your hands

Nathan reads the joyous ‘Julian is a Mermaid’ 

So Much – a story about a family celebration

The whole team have been singing in different languages – here is their version of Frere Jacques – how many different languages did you hear?

Jacqui has been thinking about the weather – here she sings some weather songs

Here is a video introducing mindfulness breathing to young children, give it a go and join in with mindful Ozzy

Ruby’s Worry by Tom Percival

Here’s Jo reading ‘Supertato’

Handa put in her basket? Do you know what
they are called, taste like?

Sing with blue room and Megan – join in!