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ICAN Parent - Spring 2019

We would like to e-mail you our feedback about the ICAN team at Pound Park nursery, because we are so impressed with the whole service they provide.....

....The first time I dropped off our son, I received a little bag with tea and a beautiful note from the office staff. What a beautiful gesture. Every day the office team smiled at us when we dropped our son off and they greeted us so nicely - a wonderful team you have at Pound Park! Very early on I noticed that all staff in the nursery knew  our son’s name, no matter in which room he was. I find this incredible considering the amount of children they look after. Everyone made our son feel welcome. I have been to and seen many nurseries when I started looking for a nursery for my daughter 5 years ago and never have I seen such a happy place and such kind and smily team members. Our son felt comfortable with all of them, which is incredible....

 ...The ICAN staff are excellent with the children; they provide such good care and make the sessions fun and entertaining. They took our son to a local supermarket, to a farm, they went on public transport and they baked.  Our son was so proud to be there. 

March 2019


Pound Park help so much with my child's behaviour, Pound Park also got us help from outside the school, they had loads of advice and strategies for us to try with him. He has progressed so much from being at Pound Park and I know he is ready for his big step to primary school.

July 2018


My son has grown so much since starting at Pound Park he is independent and confident. The staff have been absolutely amazing always open to talk and discuss any concerns. The range of activities and the thought that goes into supporting the children and helping the row, learn and have fund is brilliant. My son is so happy we will all be very sad to leave Pound Park.

July 2018